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00:00:02: Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 part 18/52
00:00:05: Subtitles made by Q-Shyfta & Czarnuch
00:00:07: Made in Poland from Poland
00:00:14: We are here...
00:00:16: Tsubasa, this is the last game, it is necessary to win
00:00:19: I hope that you are in form. We count on you.
00:00:21: There's nothing to be worry about
00:00:26: I feel joy when I touch the grass
00:00:29: The pitch is my unique battle field
00:00:33: I love soccer, this is my passion since always
00:00:44: The captain of Nankatsu, Tsubasa Ozora
00:00:46: does his apparition for the second half-time
00:00:51: Hyuga, I am ready
00:00:54: Here you are at last, Tsubasa Ozora
00:00:59: The stadium and all the soccer
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