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00:01:00:I'm almost there. And you?
00:01:04:Just about.
00:01:31:Not bad.
00:01:33:8 1/2.
00:01:36:Is that all?
00:01:41:8 1/2.
00:01:56:Doing anything tonight?
00:01:59:I don't know yet.
00:02:03:- Sleeping together doesn't mean...đ- ...we are together. I know.
00:02:11:It's late!
00:02:12:- I don't have time.đ- Me neither.
00:02:14:- I have to be in Court.đ- My show's starting.
00:02:19:- I Can't, Louise.đ- Me neither.
00:03:25:Hi. How's it going?
00:03:31:- Got a minute?đ- Not now.
00:03:33:After the show?
00:03:34:I don't know. We'll see.
00:04:16:Let's start with Louise DuCheminđand her ordinary heroes. Hello Louise.
00:04:21:Hello Judith.đToday my hero's a heroine.
00:04:24:She's Constantly on the gođand always in Control.
00:04:33:What do you think?
00:04:35:Not really my thing.
00:04:37:Not for you, for Mom!
00:04:39:I'd rather give her nothing.
00:04:40:Make an effort for onCe.
00:04:42:She never likes anything.
00:04:44:- And she doesn't Care.đ- She does!
00:04:47:She's driving me nutsđwith your Franccois.
00:04:50:I told her not to make a fuss.
00:04:52:You know her. She Can't help it.
00:04:55:She's dying to meet him.
00:04:57:So am I.
00:05:01:So how's it going with him?
00:05:03:Great. We fuCk like rabbits.
00:05:05:It's all about sex with you.
00:05:07:It's important! Don't deny it.
00:05:09:You won't get pregnant otherwise.
00:05:11:I know, we're at it 3 times a day.
00:05:14:Not bad after 7 years of marriage.
00:05:17:Don't you get off with Thomas?
00:05:19:Louise! Cut it out.
00:05:21:You don't get off?
00:05:23:Sure, sometimes.
00:05:28:I suppose you do every time?
00:05:30:Of Course!
00:05:38:And Thomas doesn't mind?
00:05:41:- What?đ- That you don't get off.
00:05:43:I don't want to disCuss this.
00:05:46:What a loser!
00:05:49:Don't blame him. He doesn't know.
00:05:52:Are you saying you fake it?
00:05:55:How Can you fake it? That's hideous!
00:05:58:It's not the end of the world.đIt's easier.
00:06:01:It reassures him.đIt's really an aCt of love.
00:06:05:You wouldn't understand.
00:06:21:Who is it?
00:06:32:- I wouldn't wake you if I had a key.đ- I wasn't sleeping.
00:07:31:You OK?
00:07:32:Something's weird.
00:07:34:Keep going.
00:07:44:What's wrong?
00:07:46:I don't feel anything.
00:07:48:What do you mean?
00:07:49:I don't feel it.đWell I do, but it's not working.
00:07:53:We'll see about that.
00:08:00:Come on.
00:08:01:Let's try something else.
00:08:05:Hold on.
00:08:28:- You're all tensed up.đ- I am not. Keep going.
00:08:36:You need to help.
00:08:37:I'm doing my best.
00:08:47:It's no use. Go on without me.
00:08:51:Let's just stop!
00:08:54:OK, you're not into it,đbut Cut the Crap.
00:08:56:Would you rather I fake it?
00:08:58:I Can fake it if you want!
00:09:00:Stop it.
00:09:06:What's happening? I don't get it.
00:09:09:I don't feel anything.đWhat's wrong with me?
00:09:11:You're not in the mood.
00:09:13:But I am!đIt has nothing to do with mood.
00:09:16:There's a meChaniCal problem.
00:09:19:Whatever, let's not fight about it.
00:09:23:I'd like to see how you'd reaCt!
00:09:29:You're being dramatiC.
00:09:30:But it is dramatiC!
00:09:44:What the hell?
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