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Thank you very much!
Thank you!

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Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen!
Welcome to "40 years of comedy: A tribute
to George Carlin"!

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I want to make it clear this is not a summation
of his career, this is not a Thalberg Award,
we're not retiring his mike!

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...we're merely checking in on a body of work,
that continues to grow at an astonishing pace...

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There are two things that comedians of all stripes
have in common, basically! One: the belief that
someone who is not as funny as they are, is doing
better than they are...

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...and two - what a cynical bunch!
And two, a sincere, loving respect for George
Carlin, and his work...

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He's a member of our Holy Trinity: Lenny Bruce,
Richard Pryor, George Carlin! The rest of us
are kind of a-gazing!

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It's true!

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Personally, I first began listening to George
Carlin in seventh grade, we had gotten a hold
of "Class Clown", and man! It was funny...!

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...and dirty, and great! And we just knew
instinctively that parents weren't gonna
like this kind of thing...

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We just knew! George Carlin was a rite of passage
in the seventies, as much as smoking cigarettes...

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...and looking at Playboys, and in my case,
dressing like Ace Frehely!

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...and while the thrill has dissipated from those
other activities, my pleasure in listening to
George, grows every time I hear him!

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And as my respect and admiration for him
as a performer and as a person!

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So please, sit back and enjoy a rather condensed
version of George Carlin: 40 years in comedy!

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Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen!
Good evening! My name is George Carlin and I am a
professional comedian...

00:02:39,864 --> 00:02:46,212 opposed to the kind you run into at work
all day long!

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There are thousands of comedians in this country,
but basically, only two types of humour!
There's the old school and the new school!

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I think we recognize them both! The old school
is largely made up of the fast-paced stand-up
comedians, the one-liner comics who came from
vaudeville and burlesque...

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And they comprise the insult school of humour!
Jackie Leonard is a good example of this...

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"Oh, thank you very much ladies and gentlemen!
Just like I said, all for your parking in New York
was a gun!"

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There's a wonderful town! Thank you very much!
You got some lovely girls here, compared to the
last place I worked!

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Somebody throw out there, they're are so lovely,
that if you want to pay them a compliment, you
have to say: "How do you do? I see your face
cleared up!"

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Now, by contrast, in the new school we have
many different sty
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