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{1625}{1725}/Only time can teach us what is truth and what is legend.
{1760}{1855}/Some truths do not survive the ages.
{1865}{1965}/But the legend of the child with the blue eyes will live forever
{2012}{2112}/and be whispered in all four winds of the great white mountains.
{2180}{2280}/We, the Yagahl, were hunters of the mightiest of all beasts,
{2305}{2400}/the manak. But our world began to change.
{2408}{2508}/The manaks came later and later to our valley
{2515}{2592}/and there were times when they did not come at all.
{2600}{2670}/Our hunters grew restless,
{2672}{2735}/and our people grew hungry.
{2780}{2873}/Only one amongst us, the one we called Old Mother,
{2875}{2975}/the last of her kind, only she could speak to the spirits of the earth
{2995}{3095}/and ask the wisdom of the Fathers to save our people.
{3248}{3318}/Many times she asked.
{3325}{3425}/Until one night, they answered her call and sent us a sign.
{3548}{3642}/A sign of the beginning of the end.
{3655}{3752}We found her in the mountains. She was holding onto a dead woman.
{4475}{4540}The Fathers have sent her.
{5025}{5068}She came to tell us
{5070}{5170}of four-legged demons that will put an end to our world.
{5288}{5388}They will come to our valley at the time when
{5448}{5515}we go on our last hunt.
{5555}{5622}But do not fear.
{5658}{5758}From this hunt, a warrior will arise.
{5782}{5880}And this one will be his woman.
{5890}{5983}They will lead us into a new life
{5985}{6085}where the Yagahl will know hunger no more.
{6192}{6292}/That night, Old Mother did not see the face of the warrior which spoke,
{6305}{6396}/but she knew that the child with the blue eyes
{6398}{6496}/was a blessing that she must protect.
{6498}{6598}/To our people, she was Evolet, the promise of life.
{6630}{6730}/To a boy named D'Leh, she was much more than that.
{7142}{7242}/Only one of the Yagahl did not believe in Old Mother's prophecyΨ
{7262}{7320}/The young boy's father,
{7322}{7422}/the one who carried the White Spear and blew the whistle for the hunt.
{7505}{7585}I will watch over your son as if he were my own.
{7628}{7728}I know you will. But promise me you will tell no one why I left.
{7890}{7965}We cannot wait for the last hunt.
{8300}{8360}Throw againΞ Good throwΞ
{8490}{8540}No, not you.
{8560}{8632}Your father abandoned our people. Go away.
{8660}{8720}- ***Ξ
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