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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{1}{72}/SubEdit b.4066 (
{1474}{1511}I've heard about you before
{1587}{1623}You're majoring in piano, right?
{1696}{1741}Why did you decide on coming to our school?
{1746}{1777}Wasn't your school any good?
{1810}{1835}Your school is very beautiful
{1857}{1899}No, my father wanted me to come
{1971}{1989}They from your class?
{2074}{2116}And your piano class is very well known
{2121}{2191}Our music students all work very hard
{2197}{2225}You look like you do too
{2239}{2264}I'm alright
{2325}{2348}Look over here
{2359}{2421}This double storey building is
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