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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{159}{200}You're wrong.
{201}{237}Admit you're wrong.
{239}{272}No,she didn't.
{352}{441}Well,then she's a bigger idiot than you are,
{443}{489}Which is impossible.
{491}{540}It is impossible.
{542}{595}I'm really good at math. It's impossible.
{597}{643}All right,cool. Late.
{709}{753}[computer tone]
{1497}{1537}We'll be back around 10:00.
{1538}{1585}Make sure to take bucky out.
{1586}{1625}{y:i}you hear me?
{1671}{1713}I love you.
{3909}{3980}[both laughing]
{3981}{4017}That scared me.
{4018}{4049}Me too. Your turn.
{4050}{4085}Okay. [chuckling]
{4086}{4139}Ella,when you said you brushed your teeth,
{4141}{4196}Did you also completely dry your toothbrush?
{4197}{4224}I brushed.
{4398}{4462}I just love being lied to.
{4463}{4505}Hey,you're a tough mother.
{4507}{4540}Ella's a sweetheart.
{4542}{4575}She is a sweetheart.
{4577}{4631}She's a lying little sweetheart.
{4633}{4677}Would you arrest me if i killed her?
{4678}{4713}Oh! [both laughing]
{4714}{4771}I'm gonna go make sure she's brushing her teeth.
{4798}{4844}With all due respect,
{4846}{4887}Darwin got it all wrong.
{4889}{4967}{y:i}i used to make the joke {y:i}that darwin's thinking
{4969}{5009}{y:i}was rather...
{5010}{5060}[breathless laugh] unevolved.
{5061}{5117}Which i'm sure used to be very funny.
{5119}{5165}For a brilliant man,
{5167}{5227}Darwin was occasionally a moron.
{5229}{5292}{y:i}he claimed that males {y:i}tried to spread their genes
{5294}{5339}By having sex constantly.
{5341}{5404}{y:i}however,the females, {y:i}with limited eggs,
{5406}{5474}{y:i}were more selective {y:i}in their attempts
{5475}{5537}{y:i}to find genetically {y:i}superior males.
{5539}{5591}{y:i}i believe that darwin {y:i}was simply inaccurate,
{5593}{5659}{y:i}that females can be {y:i}just as aggressive as males,
{5661}{5761}{y:i}with males {y:i}equally dispassionate.
{5763}{5815}Thoughts! Peter?
{5817}{5848}[cell phone rings]
{5849}{5899}This is astrid. Hey,it's me.
{5900}{5933}{y:i}can you have the guys {y:i}go outside?
{5935}{5964}{y:i}i'm sending over a body.
{5965}{6001}Yeah. Yeah,i'll have them waiting outside.
{6003}{6054}Thank you. Okay.
{6055}{6105}Hey,that was olivia. She needs you guys outside.
{6107}{6153}A coroner's on his way with a body.
{6155}{6190}You know,this is the part of day
{6191}{6234}That i look forward to most--
{6235}{6299}{y:i}when i know there's {y:i}something bizarre out there.
{6301}{6348}I just don't know what it is.
{6350}{6417}Like a grab bag of disturbing events,
{6419}{6451}Don't you think?
{6501}{6573}Be right back,agent farnsworth.
{6574}{6609}Okay. Bye.
{6907}{6985}(charlie) thank you for taking the time. We know you're grieving.
{6987}{7049}We're very sorry about your loss.
{7050}{7092}What the hell could have done that to him?
{7094}{7130}We don't know yet.
{7131}{7186}But we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us.
{7188}{7225}Did you notice anything strange
{7227}{7285}In your son's behavior over the last few days?
{7287}{7352}No. School is good.
{7354}{7429}He was looking forward to graduating.
{7431}{7500}We had dinner together almost every night.
{7502}{7573}We tried to get a few syllables out about his day.
{7617}{7658}Any history of drug use?
{7659}{7702}No. I know all parents think that,
{7703}{7753}But in greg
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