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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{20}{75}Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source
{76}{99}Into the scandalous lives of manhattan's elite.
{100}{128}I broke up with Aron.
{129}{198}I needed to make sure that we still felt the same.
{199}{256}Soon as that will is read and I get my money,
{257}{286}You won't ever see me again.
{287}{315}what are you doing?
{316}{344}Or is this not you
{345}{373}With my 15-year-old sister?
{374}{427}Truth is, I wasn't ready to have a baby.
{428}{481}I understand why you gave him up,
{482}{512}But it's that you didn't tell me.
{513}{542}You can't ask me to hide this
{543}{585}From Serena. This is too big to keep secret.
{586}{624}Son, this isn't your secret to share.
{625}{677}It was my dad. He and Lily are
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