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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{4047}{4127}The path of life
{4135}{4222}Are dreams, like the length of the path
{4245}{4312}The storm on the way
{4317}{4430}Pass by as you go along
{4442}{4517}In the world
{4527}{4617}How many ways can one dream?
{4632}{4750}Looking for dream-like love
{4760}{4872}And the path goes on
{4885}{4960}Life is what
{4967}{5062}Dreams and desires are made of
{5077}{5147}Somewhere in the dream
{5152}{5255}There are traces of tears
{5275}{5350}Where to go to?
{5360}{5447}To find where my heart wants to go
{5467}{5585}The wind seems to sign in the dream,
{5592}{5685}And the path and I go on
{6517}{6585}It suddenly rains and suddenly shines
{6610}{6652}Please have a pity on us travellers!
{7352}{7410}Have mercy, sir! Take it back!
{7417}{7467}How dare you steal my money? Damn you!
{8945}{8967}Stop! Stop!
{8972}{9007}Is it a wanted convict?
{9167}{9225}Go away!...
{9330}{9367}Stop! Stop!
{9387}{9422}Is it him?
{9432}{9462}Doesn't look like him! Go.
{9622}{9650}Thank you!
{9695}{9730}Don't go!
{9862}{9895}If you are not wanted, stay away!
{9897}{9947}Stay away, go!
{10065}{10085}Not him!
{10087}{10110}Tell him to leave!
{10297}{10315}Who's screaming?
{10320}{10342}Over there!
{10412}{10440}There's a wanted convict!
{10475}{10530}Who told you to stop?
{10615}{10650}Pilgrimage? How hilarious!
{10680}{10720}You have all my money!
{10722}{10742}Don't advantage from me!
{10745}{10800}Don't say that, I don't need it!
{10805}{10840}You may need it sooner or later!
{10872}{10902}Thank you!
{10920}{10955}Want a room, Sir?
{10960}{10995}Get the luggage for him.
{11000}{11025}There's a nice room.
{11030}{11080}Sorry, but I'm a collector
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