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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{1}{72}/SubEdit b.4072 (httpΨ//
{1243}{1306}Ω Backfiring Φ
{1996}{2091}- You have the ring, rightΠ - Yeah.
{2535}{2595}Ω Whining Φ
{2598}{2718}Go. Go get the ring on the dresser.
{2721}{2778}- Are you okayΠ - Yeah.
{2781}{2844}Buddy'll be right back.
{3170}{3230}ΩManΦ Hey, Buddy.
{3518}{3593}- Ω Barking Φ - Hey, Buddy.
{3794}{3878}Ω Barks Φ
{4414}{4510}How'd that get up thereΠ
{4849}{4963}- Come on, Frank. Let's go. - Ω Whimpering Φ
{4966}{5058}-ΓΓΓΓΩContinuesΦ - ΓΓ Ω Humming Φ
{5154}{5211}Shall weΠ
{5214}{5271}- Okay. - Okay. Ω Chuckling Φ
{5379}{5463}ΩManΦ HeyΞLook outΞ
{5550}{5607}-ΓΓΩWedding MarchΦ -ΩDoor OpensΦ
{5610}{5655}Ω Murmuring Φ
{6704}{6788}ΩVehicle Approaching, BackfiresΦ
{7099}{7144}Ω Whining Φ
{7507}{7585}ΩMinisterΦ We are gathered
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