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š40ćš160ćDownloaded From
š387ćš430ćBreathe in, please.
š484ćš527ćAgain, slowly.
š722ćš811ć-Does it hurt when I do that?đ-No. No, it's fine. I don't--
š815ćš848ćI don't feel a thing.
š878ćš923ćOw! Hey, hey, hey.
š927ćš993ćI don't like it whenđmy patients lie to me.
š1002ćš1031ćWe could've discussed it.
š1035ćš1118ćWhat do you when a patient's lateđwith a bill, stick needles in their eyes?
š1122ćš1203ćI cannot fill out an honest physicalđevaluation without your cooperation.
š1207ćš1247ćYou are being cranky and difficult.
š1251ćš1345ćYou try getting shot in the backđand see what it does for your disposition.
š1349ćš1427ćSo how's it look?
š1431ćš1490ćAllowing that you don't reportđeverything that hurts...
š1494ćš1568ć...your condition seems tođbe improving right on schedule.
š1572ćš1643ćYou'll be able to get backđto work in the next day or so...
š1647ćš1690ć...providing you don't exert yourself.
š1694ćš1751ćWell, I gotta check in withđthe new captain first...
š1755ćš1803ć...find out if he even wants me around.
š1807ćš1870ćBesides, I don't know about this guy.
š1875ćš1949ćI keep thinking about how everybodyđwanted Sinclair out of here.
š1953ćš2020ćAnd now all of a suddenđthis change of command.
š2024ćš2123ćSinclair I could trust.đThis guy, I don't know.
š2127ćš2238ćYou didn't exactly sound excitedđwhen I mentioned going back to work.
š2242ćš2318ć-Thought you'd be pleased.đ-Yeah, I am.
š2379ćš2435ć-See you around.đ-Hey, Michael.
š2450ćš2491ćWant to talk about it?
š2502ćš2545ćDoc, what do you want me to say?
š2566ćš2618ćI got shot in the back by my own guy.
š2622ćš2660ćMy own second-in-command.
š2664ćš2746ćHe was right there all the time,đand I didn't even see it.
š2750ćš2825ćWhat kind of security chief am Iđif I can't see something like that?
š2829ćš2890ć-You can't be expected to know everything.đ-Yes, I can.
š2895ćš2961ćI could've known,đand I should've known.
š2965ćš3073ćAnd now I just don't knowđif I'm any damn use to anybody anymore.
š3077ćš3168ćYou know, I keep asking myselfđwhat qualifies me to take back my job...
š3198ćš3236ć...and I haven't got an answer.
š3268ćš3309ćI wish the hell I did.
š3417ćš3562ćSo we quietly set up monitoringđstations near Quadrant 37...
š3567ćš3637ć keep an eyeđon the Narn buildup.
š3641ćš3766ćWhen we heard that you would personallyđtake care of the problem, well....
š3770ćš3865ć-Yes, I'm sure it sounded quite absurd.đ-More like insane.
š3869ćš3930ćBut then the monitors went silent.
š3934ćš4061ćSpy probes sent in later confirmedđthe entire Narn outpost had been wiped out.
š4077ćš4174ćI would be very interested to knowđhow you did that, ambassador.
š4195ćš4278ćYes, I'm sure that you would.
š4457ćš4555ćVery well. Keep your secrets for now.
š4559ćš4690ćWhat matters is, you have saved our peopleđfrom another embarrassing surrender...
š4694ćš4760ć our idiot emperor.
š4764ćš4902ćWhat you did required independenceđof thought. Initiative. Courage.
š4906ćš5038ćAnd a large and aggressive strike force,đwhich you have managed to assemble...
š5042ćš5083ć...without anyone knowing about it.
š5087ćš5147ćEven the Narns don't suspect it was us.
š5151ćš5251ćOr more precisely, you.
š5255ćš5331ć-We need more people like you, Mollari.đ-For what?
š5409ćš5459ćHe can be trusted.
š5475ćš5579ćThe emperor is old,đsick and frightened.
š5583ćš5659ćHe's a pitiful figure.đHis health is failing rapidly.
š5663ćš5746ćWith the r
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