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00:01:26:No, No, I don't need it.
00:01:30:Have a look first.
00:01:32:No, I have no interests.
00:01:34:What are you doing?
00:01:37:Run after me.
00:01:39:Run after me and I will give it back to you.
00:01:41:OK, come here and it's OK.
00:01:45:I will not deceive you.
00:01:48:Hei, wait.
00:01:59:I don't like her.
00:02:01:Only 100 yen.
00:02:03:100 yen? No.
00:02:06:Then let it go.
00:02:07:Don't you say that it isn't ok?
00:02:09:I changed my mind.
00:02:12:Come here.
00:02:14:Wish you happy.
00:02:24:Excuse me.
00:02:27:Go downstairs.
00:02:29:Excuse me.
00:02:36:Excuse me
00:02:39:Come here quickly.
00:02:41:Don't touch me.
00:02:42:Speak only.
00:02:44:Didn't you go here recently?
00:02:48:What do you want to do?
00:02:49:Don't touch me.
00:02:52:Or I will accuse you of incivility.
00:02:54:You can come if you like.
00:02:57:If you don't like you can come catching me.
00:03:00:Do you kown to which degree I hate you?
00:03:04:Let me off, let me off.
00:03:07:Don't touch me. I can walk.
00:03:12:Hei, are you the one usually come here?
00:03:16:Ask your people go back quickly!
00:03:22:Let me off.
00:03:27:Let me off.
00:03:36:Listen to me.
00:03:38:If I die I will take revenge even runing after you to America.
00:04:12:Don't worry for me.
00:04:14:I find another job.
00:04:16:Quite good.
00:04:18:What is it?
00:04:19:A job to feed hogs, only this.
00:04:22:Feed hogs?
00:04:24:You sister always thinks that I will not achieve anything.
00:04:27:She is always hostile to me.
00:04:29:Don't worry for me.
00:04:31:I will do it well.
00:04:34:The guard is quite good. It suits me.
00:04:38:Why find a job like that?
00:04:54:You will never know.
00:04:56:Only hogs can understand it.
00:04:57:Only hogs can understand me.
00:05:01:I will do it well.
00:05:03:The movie: Hogs and warships.
00:06:35:The one explain it to you.
00:06:37:He explained it to you clearly.
00:06:39:You only need make two promises.
00:06:45:Make sure that give the money to the company.
00:06:48:Form a good organization.
00:06:53:Form a good organization.
00:07:41:Is ' here?
00:07:44:Thanks, today is quite hot.
00:07:50:' comes.
00:08:11:This is still not open.
00:08:12:Not, I planed to open it this morning.
00:08:17:Why come so early today?
00:08:19:There is something to do this morning.
00:08:21:So I come to discuss with '.
00:08:27:They asked us to make sure to carry the hogs to there.
00:08:34:I request you to do it, '.
00:08:35:We must carry them to there today.
00:08:37:Or they must...
00:08:51:Good morning.
00:08:55:He's already in.
00:09:00:He's already in.
00:09:09:Wait here.
00:09:17:What's the matter?
00:09:34:It seems that you have a new car.
00:09:38:Then you can pay the money today.
00:09:41:Pay the accrual together.
00:09:47:You are joking.
00:09:49:How can it turn to half a million?
00:09:51:Do you want to act shamelessly?
00:09:53:Do you think we will let you go?
00:09:57:Go away, bastard.
00:09:59:No, please not.
00:10:01:', No.
00:10:13:We can do anything for the money.
00:10:18:Even killing.
00:11:11:I'm not joking.
00:11:14:We really can do anything.
00:11:37:What's the matte, '? Do you need a doctor?
00:11:39:I'm fine.
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