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00:02:20: Yes, I am, I'm just a love man.
00:02:23: Let me tell you somethin'
00:02:25: Which one of you, girls, want me to hold you?
00:02:28: Which one of you, girls, want me to kiss you?
00:02:31: Which one of you, girls, want me to take you out?
00:02:34: Go on, I got you, gonna knock you all night, 'cause, baby, I'm a love man...
00:02:38: This is Jim Ladd of KLOS.
00:02:40: We interrupt this broadcast to bring you a special bulletin.
00:02:43: Rock music fans all over the world are in mourning today.
00:02:46: Jim Morrison, lead singer of The Doors
00:02:49: was found dead in his Paris apartment this morning.
00:02:52: French authorities attribute the cause of death to a heart attack.
00:02:55: Morrison was 27 years old.
00:02:59: Goodbye, Jim.
00:03:00: We'll miss you...
00:03:58: Jim Morrison was buried today in Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris.
00:04:03: The coffin was sealed,
00:04:04: and only his girlfriend, Pamela Courson
00:04:06: and The Doors' manager were in attendance.
00:04:10: With his passing, the future of The Doors remains uncertain.
00:04:14: I'm Jim Ladd on 95.5 KLOS,
00:04:17: and I'll be here all night
00:04:19: as we pay tribute to one of America's most original and influential...
00:04:49: The sixties begin with a shot.
00:04:57: The civil rights movement intensifies.
00:05:07: The war in Vietnam gets bigger and bloodier.
00:05:11: "President Johnson, meanwhile, let it be known
00:05:14: that the FBI is closely watching all anti-war activities".
00:05:22: The youth movement catches fire,
00:05:25: making everyone over 30 a cultural enemy.
00:05:29: The days of Ricky Nelson and "Leave It To Beaver" are over.
00:05:32: "I have nothing against kissing.
00:05:34: But these friends of yours, Penny,
00:05:36: They want to kiss you all night!"
00:05:44: The establishment resists,
00:05:46: but a genuine counter-culture is growing.
00:05:51: For some, psychedelics like LSD open the doors of perception.
00:05:56: The Gate Is Straight,
00:05:57: Deep And Wide,
00:05:58: Break On Through To The Other Side...
00:05:59: A massive cultural earthquake is splitting the country wide open.
00:06:06: And out of the crack steps a band called The Doors.
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