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š40ćš160ćDownloaded From
š345ćš414ć"Previously on" 24.
š417ćš482ćWhat if I can get us a copyđof Keeler's playbook?
š485ćš571ćWhat exactly do you mean by playbook?
š574ćš669ć- His entire prep for tonight's debate.đ- I" "told you to drop that."
š672ćš767ć- "You just listen to me."đThere is something you need to see.đ- There's nothing I need to see.
š770ćš862ćIt's about Anne. It's somethingđthat we didn't know about her.
š865ćš942ćSomething that couldđdamage all of us.
š945ćš1068ć- Can I talk to you now?đ- " Yeah, of course. Okay, what's up?"
š1071ćš1146ćChase and I have beenđgoing out for awhile.
š1149ćš1256ćAnd it's starting to get serious.đI really care for him, Dad.
š1259ćš1361ć- So, what do you think?đ- I don't know what I think.
š1364ćš1465ćWe want the release of Ramon Salazar.
š1468ćš1586ćIf you refuse to comply,đthe virus will be unleashed.
š1589ćš1667ćIt looks like the virus wasđdelivered in a crystalline form.
š1670ćš1740ćMaybe what you'ređlooking for is a white powder.
š1743ćš1854ć- It would look like a bag of cocaine or heroin?đ- That may even be the strategy.
š1857ćš1969ćSomeone thinks they're selling a bag of coke,đwhen in fact, they're handling the virus.
š1972ćš2126ć- "Where did you get that money?"đ- "It doesn't matter."đOkay, we needed it. I got it.
š2129ćš2221ćSo this is how you're gonna helpđyour family, by dealing drugs?
š2224ćš2294ćI'm not dealing 'em.đIt's a stupid delivery.
š2297ćš2357ćIf that kid's walking aroundđwith a bag of cocaine...
š2360ćš2417ćthat's got the virus in it,đand he doesn't know it?
š2420ćš2491ćI need to find him and stop himđfrom putting it into circulation.
š2494ćš2608ćYou didn't shoot up, did you? What?đYou think you can hide it from me?
š2611ćš2718ć- "I'm not trying to hide it from you."đI'm trying to quit.đ- People don't just quit, Jack.
š2721ćš2804ćI am not going on record with thisđaddiction. Do you understand me?
š2807ćš2889ćYou're the only person who knows about it.đIt's gonna stay that way.
š2892ćš2982ć- Give me an update.đ- Kyle's still in his house.
š2985ćš3059ć- What about the package?đ- "It's with him."
š3062ćš3144ć- "And Ramon?"đ- "Just waiting to come home."
š3521ćš3642ćThe following takes placeđbetween 3.'00 p.m. And 4.'00 p.m.
š3811ćš3883ćAdam, have you downloadedđeveryone's folders for the meeting?
š3886ćš3956ćNot yet. I'm still pulling up someđmedical details about the virus.
š3959ćš4024ćDon't waste a lot of time.đThe only thing our people need to know...
š4027ćš4154ćis that it kills within 24 hours of exposure,đand we believe Kyle Singer has it.
š4157ćš4219ćI got all that.đWhat about our approach to Singer?
š4222ćš4321ćJack's gonna meet Nicole Duncan,đhead of Health Services, Los Angeles.
š4324ćš4456ćThey're gonna take a HazMat team over tođSinger's apartment. He's waiting for it now.
š6251ćš6333ćSon of a bitch!
š6705ćš6846ć- Hey, Jack. How ya doing?đ- I'm okay, Nicole. How've you been?
š6849ćš6950ćUntil this afternoon,đI was doing fine.
š6953ćš7099ćYou know, I, um, I tried to reach youđafter I heard about Teri.
š7132ćš7204ćYeah, I know.
š7207ćš7317ćAfter that I kind of withdrew.đBut I appreciated the calls. Thanks.
š7362ćš7432ćWe should get going.
š7667ćš7758ćI just finished runningđMacer's epidemiological model.
š7761ćš7832ć- Her estimates were off.đ- Better or worse than we thought?
š7835ćš7974ćTwice as bad. She had nine percent ofđthe population infected within a week...
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