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š1198ćš1378ć- Alan, it's really a very reasonable plan.đ- Tell that to the Chief of Defence Staff.
š1383ćš1532ć- Why is he late? Not very soldierly.đ- It's this plan. The Ministry's in turmoil.
š1537ćš1632ćIt's a relocation proposal,đnot a Russian invasion.
š1637ćš1768ćBe all right if it was.đWe know what we could do to repel that.
š1774ćš1857ć- Could you repel it?đ- No.
š1862ćš2036ć- But we don't have to do any thinking about it.đ- Let's look at this from the PM's point of view.
š2041ćš2131ćWe have 420,000 service personnel.
š2136ćš2273ćOnly 20,000 are stationed in the north.đAlmost everything's in the south.
š2278ćš2410ćNavy at Portsmouth, Air Force in Bedfordđand the Army in Aldershot.
š2415ćš2527ćAlmost nothing north of The Washđwhere the unemployment is.
š2532ćš2631ć- Servicemen come from the north.đ- But spend in the south.
š2635ćš2719ćInevitable. That's where they are now.
š2724ćš2851ćAnyway, there's nothing to spend it onđin the north, is there?
š2856ćš2952ć- Chief of Defence Staff.đ- This cannot happen...
š2957ćš3075ćDon't attack me, I'm on your side,đbut it is a strong argument.
š3080ćš3261ćMove 200,000 or 300,000 service personnelđup north and you create masses of civilian jobs.
š3266ćš3350ćClerks, suppliers, builders, vehicle maintenance.
š3355ćš3446ć300,000 extra pay packets spent in the shops.
š3451ćš3531ćYou can't move thousands of men like that.
š3536ćš3700ć- I thought that's what you did with armies.đ- You bring 'em back! This'd be permanent.
š3705ćš3828ćGuy, can any servicemen be stationedđpermanently in the north?
š3833ćš3915ćI suppose other ranks, junior officers,
š3919ćš4057ćbut you can't ask senior officersđto live permanently in the north!
š4062ćš4166ćThe wives wouldn't stand for it for one thing.đChildren's schools.
š4171ćš4266ćI understand there are schoolsđin the north of England.
š4271ćš4438ćWhat about Harrods? What about Wimbledon?đAscot? Henley? The Army and Navy Club?
š4443ćš4568ćI mean civilisation, generally! It's just not on!
š4573ćš4647ćThis is being discussed in Cabinet.
š4652ćš4808ćWe need more serious arguments than seniorđofficers' wives being 300 miles from Harrods.
š4812ćš4925ćWhat's more serious?!đChaps like us might have to move up there!
š4930ćš5026ćBut are there any strategic argumentsđagainst the move?
š5031ćš5184ć- We can find those against anything.đ- But would they stand up to expert scrutiny?
š5189ćš5339ćThey won't get expert scrutiny. We'll make itđtop secret like we always do with defence.
š5344ćš5499ć- Prime Minister only.đ- Then they certainly won't get expert scrutiny.
š5504ćš5660ćBut I wonder whether we might not do betterđto play the man instead of the ball.
š5665ćš5743ć- Which man?đ- The Employment Secretary.
š5748ćš5849ć- This was his suggestion.đ- Ah, yes.
š5854ćš5964ćSuggest to the PMđthe Employment Secretary is plotting against him.
š5969ćš6043ć- Is he?đ- Not as far as I know.
š6048ćš6203ćBut the question is whether the Prime Ministerđcan be made to believe that he is.
š6208ćš6269ćAny chance of getting rid of him?
š6274ćš6402ć- The PM? He's only just house-trained.đ- The Employment Secretary.
š6407ćš6473ćField Marshal, are you suggesting
š6478ćš6623ćhumble civil servants should presume to removeđa member of HM Government from Cabinet?
š6627ćš6711ć- Yes.đ- Out of the question.
š6716ćš6806ćOnly the Prime Minister can remove ministers,
š6811ćš6962ćbut if the Prime Minister came to suspectđthe loyalty of a member of his Cabinet...
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