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{351}{405}(Choir) Γ Show me a man
{408}{473}Γ Who's gentle and kind
{475}{546}Γ And I'll show you
{548}{604}Γ A loser
{607}{645}Γ Now show me a man
{671}{727}Γ Who takes what he wants
{802}{891}Γ Oh, how exciting
{893}{984}Γ Oh, how exciting
{987}{1085}Γ So the poets sing
{1139}{1199}Γ When you're a fool in love
{1251}{1319}Γ And nothing goes the way you plan
{1355}{1390}Γ And no one cares
{1392}{1436}Γ And no one understands
{1439}{1485}Γ That you're a fool
{1487}{1524}Γ And you're in love
{1553}{1626}Γ Never another spring for you
{1656}{1760}Γ Never a robin to sing for you
{1762}{1841}Γ You're out there on your own
{1844}{1954}Γ When you're a fool in love
{2016}{2089}Γ When you're a fool in love
{2122}{2166}Γ Seems like the skies
{2169}{2207}Γ Are always grey
{2231}{2308}Γ You turn around,
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