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{40}{160}Downloaded From
{1982}{2107}The Time of the Wolf
{4232}{4332}Put the cage in the vehicle, the noodle is too hot
{4332}{4357}How to do if it's hungryΠ
{4357}{4407}Let's look after it after moving in 5 minutes
{4507}{4532}Look, how do you put
{4582}{4632}It's all wet, take care not to paste dirty things
{5057}{5082}Where to putΠ
{5082}{5157}As you will, everywhere is wet
{5157}{5182}But... Stand still
{5282}{5332}Close the door, stand
{5532}{5582}What are you doing hereΠ
{5607}{5657}And how do you come inΠ
{5807}{5832}What do you wantΠ
{5857}{5882}Put down the gun first
{5882}{5932}Gallback, or I will shotΞ
{6082}{6132}Do you think you have the right to be hereΠ
{6132}{6182}Or point to us iwth a gun like thatΠ
{6257}{6307}How long will you refuse to budgeΠ Shut upΞ
{6357}{6407}Hold him in
{6532}{6582}Listen, shall we sit down and discuss itΠ
{6707}{6757}There is always a way
{6782}{6807}Then let them go
{6832}{6907}According to you, where shall we stayΠ
{6982}{7032}But when will you leaveΠ
{7032}{7107}You have repertory, why not give it usΠ
{7107}{7157}Why give to youΠ
{7232}{7282}Can give you if you want
{7307}{7382}Where are you fromΠ What's your hometownΠ
{7382}{7432}Your businessΠ
{7482}{7507}Why go outΠ
{7507}{7532}Lack of water
{7607}{7632}No matter how
{7732}{7782}Let children out
{7932}{7982}Come into the vehicle, come in
{7982}{8032}Or go out for a walk
{8432}{8482}What on earth do you want to doΠ
{8507}{8582}See what's inside of their bags
{9082}{9182}I suggestΨ go back first...
{9282}{9332}How come you kill him...
{9432}{9457}You kill himΞ
{9607}{9657}EnoughΞ Shut upΞ Go inΞ
{9657}{9732}TrashΞ DogΞ
{9857}{9882}Let's goΞ
{9932}{9982}Now leave meΞ Go to your place
{10957}{11007}When we go to hometown on vacation, my husband was murdered
{11082}{11157}Do you understand clearlyΠ
{11307}{11407}Our house in rural is occupied by others
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