Subtitles API @

You can access SubsMax's subtitles for movies and TV series easily through our API.

Here's how it works:
   · 10 is the number of results API should return, maximum 50.
   · the-dark-knight-english-2008 is the movie name and it can be as simple as "dark-knight" or it can contain a language (as full language or code, e.g. "english" or "en") and/or a year.
You can also look for episodes of different TV series you want.
Just make sure you call it like this: movie-name-separated-by-dashes

We just added another implmenetation so you can access our vast subtitle database in an easy way:
   · 100000 is the start ID from where you want to list subtitles.
   · 10 is the limit of subtitles you can list at once (max 100).
   · you can find the latest ID in our database by visiting this page

Feel free to use this API and please do let us know your questions/suggestions.